Predictable Production Platform

  • Financing Included!
  • Medical Exam Gloves
  • CE Certified
  • Powder Free | Latex Free
  • 4mm Nitrile Gloves
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • 100, 200 or 300 Gloves per Box

MOQ 30M Boxes per Month

**Due to high levels of market fluctuation on Nitrile Gloves, we ask that you please contact our team for a current quote and lead times for your specific needs.**

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Let’s face it, the OTG glove market is unpredictable and riddled with ghost lots. If you are done rushing to submit paperwork and waiting on A2A calls, just to find out that the lot was just sold or we actually aren’t the title holder or well…. the stock isn’t OTG yet, but… we believe it’s time to rethink your strategy.


With our tested, proven relationships, we provide our clients with predictable, reliable nitrile glove solutions. In our network, we have continuous inventory shipping on a weekly basis, allowing you and your buyers to have peace of mind, knowing that your allocations are set and will be landed on schedule.





Common Conversations:

Comment: We need OTG stock NOW!

Objective Response: Most brokers say, “A2A Today!!” but in all reality, it is more likely that the A2A call won’t even occur for 3-7 business days, and that is when the process really starts. Realistically, you won’t even have access to your “OTG Stock” for 10-14 business days.


Comment: We don’t want to put out funds before the product is landed and inspected.

Objective Response: Our platform includes built-in financing! Payment is only issued upon OTG inspection.


Comment: We can find OTG spot lots just as cheap and not have to wait for production and shipping.

Objective Response: Not accurate. Please share with us how many OTG lots you’ve transacted on and received product faster AND cheaper than we offer! We’ve all dealt with the “Quick Cash & Carry Deals” that took 3-4 weeks to close, and the pricing was NOT favorable.



We believe that securing your nitrile gloves shouldn’t be a nightmare. In these unprecedented times, allow us to provide you with some peace of mind where we can!